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Life Changing Experiences


This trip is going by too fast! I can't believe how nice everyone in Panama is and how accepting they are. My heart has been touched. After 3 long days of dance non-stop and now almost done with the 4th day, I am overwhelmed by how many lives I have changed through teaching dance. The children's faces brighten up when they hear the word "dance." They crave the outlet. As a group, we have said our last "goodbyes" Escuela Nacional Danza and Universidad of Panama. These kids were filled with passion for dance. It was hard to take class because watching them was just as good of an experience. They wear their heart on their sleeve, their attention to performance was enhanced every time they crossed the floor, or even simply standing in the space, made me gasp. After giving them bracelets that say "U live 2 dance" we got responses from them like, "this is so true!" I have had chills multiple times watching the students enjoy this experience with us, knowing I will only have contact with them over Facebook, brings me to tears. 

The younger children we have taught at foundations/organizations for at risk children have been more than energetic to dance with us. As loud as it is, they eat up every jump, leap, plie, and stretch. They love performing the choreography we taught them for anyone and every who wants to watch, and they do it with style. After an hour and a half of dancing non-stop, they still want to continue and suck up any information we can give them. I've never had such great students.

All of the people we have met here are beautiful, inspiring, and life changing. I hope the thirst for art in Panama never fades. 

<3 Aiko

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