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To Touch, To Move, To Inspire...

As a new-“er” dancer, I am often charmed with inspiration. Learning to feel and think about movement in different ways - movements born from the flow of my body, but also the flow of my heart - is a magical feeling. I find dance to be soft and cumulative in intention, organic to oneself and to a group. Dancers can go through 5 phases during training: learning - discovering - growing - loving and ultimately *living. Living is the utmost joy that comes with sharing personal virtues of dance, and being an inspiration to those around you.

To tune into the magical moments of serendipity, I was incredibly humbled to meet Anna and the team of Movement Exchange. An organization run by a small group of dancers, all uniquely talented and tenured in practice inspired by a common thread of flowing grace and sensitivity. The team collectively is changing the rhythmic color of community by offering dance exchange trips to Panama to teach at-risk youth and orphans.

For new dancers, dance enthusiasts and seasoned dancers, this is a Panamanian journey ripe with meaning. The volunteers’ commitment and service stir these children’s spirit to unfold meaning and love with every plié, lift of an arm, turn of the head, and reach of a gaze. These are all dedications that lend to the children, the embodiment of self-confidence, cross-cultural understanding, and individual growth.

These beautiful children who learn and perform burst with enthusiasm as it takes courage for them to bring their deep down dancer self and imagination to a movement.  The dances the children ultimately perform at Panama’s National Theater transform their families, friends and spectators into active collaborators who actually move in sympathy and love with them onstage; at such moments, energy flows back and forth and exciting, unpredictable things can happen. 

Being one of the only dance organizations that offers sustainable dance education year around, Movement Exchange not only preserves the integrity of movement and service, it also nurtures these children to live, engage and inspire these virtues to everyone around them.

Move-Ex is committed to expand this vision globally. In the meantime, I encourage you to become a Move-Ex diplomat by helping to support the ongoing exchange trips, become a volunteer or a social ambassador on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, by sharing our mission with your friends and networks.  

"To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance."

Nisha, Move Ex Volunteer

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