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A quick reflection!

Coming to Panama was almost like a "Reset" button for me. It shifted all of my gears and truly displaced any pre-emptive ideas I had for this trip. This was my second time back as a volunteer and it was truly a one of a kind experience. This time time around I had the amazing opportunity to venture and visit both Malambo and Aldea. It was absolutely mind blowing to be around such great spirits!


I essentially felt like a floater being able to see each of the groups grow in just the few days that we taught. Being able to watch the children grow confident about their performance and see them actually perform on stage was absolutely priceless. I'm extremely grateful I was able to hop around because I was able to spend an equal amount of time with the other volunteers as well. 

I feel profoundly connected and inspired by all of the amazing people that I have met in the past two weeks. This consequent journey has left me feeling nourished, encouraged, energized, and most of all inspired! From this experience I now feel the courage to articulate my passions for dance even more, and feel that meeting other like minded souls has supported the foundation that I've always searched for. The remarkable group of people that I've met, I feel I can genuinely call my friends. I only hope that our continuing paths in dance and volunteering will bring us together again.

Now that I've returned back to my routine, I feel confronted by the exhaustion that subsides in my future. Though I know my true calling towards movement and dance is near my grasp, I know that these goals will not be attained easily. 

I feel I've had many dramatic intersections in my life, and few of those experiences I can say have been as profound as my experience with Movement Exchange. This sensation is like no other experience and continues to elicit more interest.

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