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Jamie LOVES Panama!


Buenas de Panama!!!!, I knew this movement exchange would be a valuable experience, but I was not expecting it to have such a PROFOUND impact on me so suddenly. I don't like to use cliche phrases like "it's been life-changing," or "this experience cannot be described in words"....HOWEVER....I am at a loss for words and it HAS been a perspective opener for me. I see myself doing this type of work for the rest of my life. Making these types of cultural connections through outreach/ service-oriented programs is so fulfilling. Que Rico! And not just for us, but for the kids too.

It's inspiring to see so many of them cultivating their talents. Dance is a viable option for their life's work and they are persuing that passion---many plan to come abroad and continue studying dance at universities.

Seeing dance and movement enliven the people is truly magical. Every day has been a complete treat and the time is passing too quickly. I'm doing whatever it takes to come back here next year.

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