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Reflections From Panama

Updated: May 3, 2023

Being apart of Movement Exchange’s Panama exchange in March 2020 was an incredible experience. Connecting with other dance diplomats and sharing our passion for dance and service with the children of Panama City was so fulfilling. Reflecting on our classes every evening helped us to figure out what was working and how we could improve for the next day. Working with the children over the course of our exchange helped us develop relationships with them and we learned so much from them all while teaching them dance. I loved staying in the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood of Panama City and seeing so much of the history and culture that the country has to offer. Taking classes from Panamanian dancers in styles I had never been exposed to gave me a new understanding and appreciation for this art form and how it is evolving. Overall it was just a wonderful time full spent in a beautiful place and I am so grateful to Movement Exchange for providing a wonderful learning, empowering, and fulfilling experience.

~ Cody Maggiore, Dance Diplomat

Butler University

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