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Smiles for Miles!


Adios, adios, adios; Panama Querido!

It is with great sadness but also with a great sense of fulfillment that we say goodbye to our wonderful friends from Panama. The people and experiences we encountered here in Panama have been like no other. Panamanians are amazing people, full of life, love, simplicity and humility.

Dance Changes Lives! Dance is Profoundly a Magical Language! We Live 2 Dance! Your Smiles Will Forever be Engraved in Our Hearts!

Thank you Anna for your stupendous heart, for taking the time to make sure we had everything, you made us comfortable from day one. Joana, thank you for your generosity and hospitaity. Thank you Carina, your support and enthusiasm.

Always at your service, the University of Utah, the Department of Modern Dance, Lynn, Scotty, Jamie, Camilla, Emily, Eiby, Melissa, Aiko and myself, juancarlos. We will forever be grateful!

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