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Thoughts from Retreat

Updated: May 3, 2023

What does it mean to be part of a MOVEMENT? To pour your heart and soul into a cause. To be proud of what you do. To celebrate each other's successes and collaborate against common challenges. And to know that you are not alone.

Why are we all here, and why do we do what we do?  The answers to that question were at once completely different but all the same. Through learning the journeys that brought each of us to dance service, and hearing about the heartwarming stories and experiences that motivate each person to keep doing what we do, I could feel an instant connection to these people that I'd never even met. Dance and the experience it gives you is something difficult to put into words. But I could sense the passion and emotions behind every inspiring story, and I truly cannot wait to create more of these moments with my own team as we head off to Panama for the first time this upcoming September.

How do we plan to stay connected? None of us is as powerful as all of us. Whether it's collaboration projects, joint awareness campaigns, troubleshooting, or even having pen pals, there were no shortage of ideas this weekend. One of the most helpful takeaways for me at the retreat though, was learning about the art of social media and branding (thank you Hannah!). Curious about all the other things we learned and experienced throughout retreat? Check it out yourself, with the tags #MovetoChange or #MovexRetreat.

**Huge thank you to Anna, Kimberly, and Hannah for putting together an absolutely inspirational weekend for us all. And sending much love to all the passionate dancers I met on retreat.

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