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What would the world look like if every child had access to dance education?

What would the world look like if every child had access to dance education? "I think every child would have a lot more confidence in themselves and be much more open to exploration. Everyone would have a better sense of themselves and their bodies. I think the world would be a much more open, inviting and self-assured place."-Adele Switzer "A much more expressive, beautiful, confident, joyful place. Every skill you can possibly imagine like dedication, hardwork, team work, etc. can be practiced in dance. I just feel like the opportunity to dance could give so many children a pathway for success/joy/expression/everything and anything. Dance education can teach a child immensely more than I can even write in this little box."-Sarah Mills "If every child had access to dance than more people would appreciate the arts and have a foundation of self discipline and confidence."-Erin Goodman "If every child in the world had access to a dance education, we wouldn't see as much sadness. We wouldn't see as much disease and illness. We wouldn't see isolation. We would see more friendships, laughter, and positive energy."-Alexandra Page "The world would be far more accepting of individuality, imagination, and creative problem solving."-Taylor Ennen "I think the world would be more peaceful. Dance is a great outlet to express yourself and to learn more about yourself. Dance has completely changed my life and I love sharing dance with other people."-Emily Bethune

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