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Building Community
Through Dance Education + Leadership

Movement Exchange empowers under-resourced communities through accessible and sustainable dance education facilitated by its network of university chapters, international dance exchanges, and year round programming in Panama and the US.




Sustainable Dance Education

In Panama we provide weekly free dance classes for youth in orphanages, schools and youth centers. We employ four local professional teaching artists to teach these sustainable classes. We also provide special events for our students such as field trips, speciality dance workshops, and performances.


Leadership Development

In the United States, we have a network of university chapters who volunteer on a regular basis in their local communities to provide free dance education opportunities to youth, seniors, and college students. They also participate in professional development workshops such as conferences and webinars focused on topics like dance pedagogy, leadership, civic engagement, and training in indigenous and cultural dance forms.

International Cultural Exchange

Movement Exchange leads international dance exchanges between the US and Panama focusing on service learning and immersion in the arts. Exchanges are 8 days long and consist of teaching dance at our partner organizations in Panama City, taking dance classes from local professionals, and learning about the history and culture of Panama.

Emma DeLilo, Indiana University

"Before the exchange, I looked at dance as my career path and something I could teach to others. Having been through the exchange, I now see dance as a means of communicating, truly connecting, and getting to know people. Not only is dance a way for people to express themselves, but it can also be a place for them to build communities, nurture their self confidence, find support in each other, fulfill the need for self-actualization, and develop learning, social, and even leadership skills. I have always considered dance to be super important, not only in my life, but in life in general. However, this exchange gave that importance so much more meaning."
Children in Panama



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