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Chepo Checklist

Updated: May 3, 2023

  1. Wake up to the sun shining down on you through your cabin windows

  2. Go to the local grade school, Santa Isabel, for breakfast

  3. Teach two dance classes to the Santa Isabel 6th graders

  4. Practice the dances you have taught the kids throughout the week

  5. Watch the school’s “black ethnicity month” celebration pageant

  6. Perform the dances we have been working on in class for the school

  7. Take pictures with all of the kids you taught thoughout the week

  8. Have a Chepo farewell lunch at a local restaurant (meat, rice, and beans)

  9. Remember all of the good times you had and think about the lasting impact you have made on the kids and the community – Sarah Gowdy, GMU Dance Diplomat

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