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Day 10 from Katie Smith's Blog Move-Ex July 2012

Day 10: My Reset Button

Today I woke up at 6:30am to leave at 7:00am to fly back home. Tio René drove six of us to the airport and I sat and reminisced about all the experience that I had this week.

Panamá is my reset button. It helped me see how much life has to offer me and I have truly found a way to merge multiple passions into one beautiful entity. I have always wanted people to be able to understand what dance can bring into a life and to enjoy dance and know that they are part of a community that will continually embrace them and love them. I am not nearly as interested in creating the best dancers but about creating better lives through the experience of movement.

It is important to accept the way we feel and be able to express ourselves. When we are not able to successfully accomplish that, dance steps in as a helpmate to our feelings.

A survey that we took for Movement Exchange:

How did this experience change you and your perspective on dance or life in general? What were notable moments throughout the trip that influenced you?

The experience of Movement Exchange has changed my life forever. I love the people, culture, city, children, friends made, and memories that I will have forever. Some of my favorite moments include those serendipitous times where a child would hold on or hang on me, give me love and kisses. Their ability to show so much love to someone they juts met amazes and inspires me to be a better person, more open to growth and change and to forever know that sharing dance is the change I wish to see in the world.

In your opinion, what aspects of Movement Exchange's programming were successful?

This was the most successful program I have ever been a part of! I loved everything about this experience and most of all the children. I LOVED staying in Casco Viejo at Magnolia Inn because we were so close to so many things and able to have different experiences in the culture of the city. I loved working at Hogar and San Felipe and that the show was FREE!

What would you change about the week? Do you have any suggestions for the ways that Movement Exchange can improve programming?

I would have loved for this to be a two week program exchange for the opportunity to spend more time at Portobelo and interact more with the Passa Passa group. I think that we should find a way to give the children that participate a t-shirt from Movement Exchange. I would like to keep the group small because it helps us all get to know each other so quickly. I would like if a month before you could send out some Spanish verbs and phrases, more than were sent this year. I would also like to spend one day with the kids out of dance class. Thank you Mei-Ling. Thank you Anna. I love you both!

Thank you so much to the following people for helping make my trip to Panamá a huge success:

The Foster's

The Fletcher's

Dale and Donnie Pickard

Jim Verenes

The Wheatley's

The Pickard’s

Cameron Smith


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You've been dancing since you were 3. You have learned from the best. It's been lots of hard work, long days and sore feet. But you have done the most selfless thing: you shared it with those who would never been able to enjoy it. For that you are a champion; not only to all the little ones you worked with but to me. Love you sweetheart. Dad.

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