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Day 2 in Panama

Hello family, Day 2 in Panama was a complete success! I am already extremely touched and deeply inspired by Mei-Ling, Anna and this entire trip. My life will be changed after this. So thank you for allowing me to participate in this wonderful experience. Love and miss you of course. I have already discused this with Mei-Ling, but next year at UW i am going to create a movement exchange club to fundraise and gather support for this program. The more people we have the more places we can go. As of now the next destination is India. I told Mei-Ling that I would be her guinea pig for that one. On to the trip...

First things first, we had to get up bright and early (7) to eat breakfast and hit the road. We went to Chepo a small village about an hour from casco viejo. Once there we went straight to a foundation; community center, where we split into 3 groups and taught dance to the local participants/children. What a wonderful experience that was! They were beyond gratious and completely happy to be there and participate. For lunch we were served arroz con pollo, once again, a delicious meal. We then left and headed to Malambo, the orphanage at which Paige and I will be teaching all week.

Malambo is unlike anything i would have imagined. It is truely a community, a family for these children. The 'moms' run each house which have been divided by age. For example one house may be devoted to newborns- 2 year olds, another 15-18. After having a tour, we were introduced to some of the children and had the privelege of taking them swimming. What a crazy experience that was. The kids were so fun and loving. Shyness was not a guest today. These children were present, ecstatic, and bubbly. What a wonderful memory!!! Malambo was the home to my 'apple' of the day. Mei-Ling introduced me to a 16 year old girl named Monica who has lived at Malambo since she was 5. At first she was shy and reserved, but towards the end she was clinging to my side. She put her arm through mine and she said "habla con mi". About what I thought. I only know so little Spanish and she knows no English, but I started talking and she was all smiles. It was a pretty magical moment and I can t wait until tomorrow.

After Malambo we went to Lider's house...can you say BEAUTIFUL! it had views of the ocean, millions of acres, an adorable dog named Lola, and a beautiful pool. I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world sipping a cola and staring at the ocean.

All in all it was a wonderful day, a great start to a promising adventure. The people I am surrounded by will most likely become life long friends. In less than 48 hours we have bonded, shared personal experiences, and created lasting memories. Goodnight xoxoxoxo.

-Olivia Trevarthen

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