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Day 7: It's not about the technique...It's about the DANCE!!

Then we had another amazing lunch at Malambo!

We then headed on our way to our home to take a quick break before we had practice with Diguar. We then had practice with Diguar and after practice we sat down in a circle. During the circle, we all said a few words, with translators, about the experience we had with Diguar and his wife and how wonderful it was. We realized "It's Not About the Technique...It's Just About the Dance!" 

After practice we then headed on our way into the city for a delicious Peruvian dinner, and

came back to the hostel and rehearsed our senior memories dance for tomorrow's show.

Now, were sitting in bed doing hennas reminicing on the week...none of us can believe the week is already over.  The memories, the love, the tears, the passion...all in a week's work.  But for now, "it's not about the is just about the dance"

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