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Happy Hump Day!

Boy are we exhausted! Our hump day consisted of back-to-back energy-filled classes. We started off with an Aerial class, where most of us were able to flip, turn, and dance mid-air, while some of us realized we have no upper-body strength. We definitely broke a sweat (we were actually drenched in sweat) before heading to the University. Team Chillita (Lily & Rachita) brought two forms of dance most of the students were not familiar with. Lily showed the students the proper way to serve Vouge, while Rachita brought her South Indian culture and taught the class Bharatanatyam. Needless to say, the University loved it. After scarfing down our meals, we did a quick tour through the canal and headed straight to Malambo. 

Our Move-Ex family were all in awe when we witnessed 10-year-old Maeli dancing a full routine on her own. If you want to check out the video of Maeli struttin’ her stuff, check out Your heart will melt!

We have yet another crazy day tomorrow, so good night from Panama!

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