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Leaving so soon?

I cannot believe today was our last day in Malambo! It has gone by far too quickly. I am surprised by the amount of children who have impacted me in the short two days we spent at this orphanage, and I can only hope that I made as much of an impression on them in return. It was so difficult to tell the children who were hanging all over me that I wasn't returning tomorrow, and that "hasta mañana" would be a lie. We came on this trip to make a difference in the lives of these kids, but they have honestly been the ones to make a difference. I have a much different perspective than I did a few days ago, and I presume that I will continue to gain a more humble and appreciative outlook on my own life in the days to come. Today was long, and busy, but definitely the most rewarding of our three here so far. I pray that the children we meet in the next few days will be as receptive and loving as the kids in Malambo, and that they may continue dancing long after we leave. 

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