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On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 8:30 PM, Eiby Lobos <> wrote:

I have been here for about 5 days and it feels great! to be teaching so many kids from many schools and the orphanages. The kids are very willing to be open to learn so many new movements and are very energetic and fun! its such a great experience to be able to help kids learn and teach dance because it gives them a great chance to be able to feel our energy and vibe. We have been teaching at the University of Panama, and its such a great experience to feel their vibe because they are full of joy to learn many great movement, many of them want to apply to UofU for their masters. The great thing about it is that we have been drumming with buckets and singing and clapping for music, its so great to feel the energy in the room as we teach. Everything about this trip is amazing and great, none of us wants to come home! 
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