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Quieres bailar? Day 3 in Panama!

Our day 3 in Panama was filled with dancing!! We started off the day at the University of Panama dancing with the dance majors at the school. The lovely Shauna in our Move-Ex group taught a high energy (and super fun) jazz class that EVERYONE loved. There was not a single person in the room who wasn't smiling throughout the class. The students were filled with energy and they were beautiful dancers! Emily and I will be teaching a modern class tomorrow! Very nervous, but very excited!! After the class, we ate a quick lunch and headed off to the Malambo Orphanage. When we got there, a few of the younger girls recognized Carina, our Move-Ex leader, and came running towards our group and immediately hugged us all. They were immediately attached to us, holding our hands and hugging us. They were adorable and it was great to give them some attention first thing at the orphanage. We rounded up the rest of the girls and split into two groups. We had the younger group of girls first and we played a fun game with them where got to pretend we were animals. In the process, we learned a few new spanish words like mono (monkey) and tiburón (shark). The younger girls had a lot of energy at first and I chased around a few of them in the gymnasium where we were practicing. We taught them a dance combination and they nailed it! We switched groups and got to teach the older girls too. We taught them another dance and taught them pas de bourre. I forgot how hard it was to learn how to do pas de bourrees! We spent quite a while working on them, but they all got it!! At first they looked clueless trying to do the step, but withpracticing they were doing the step like pros. It was great watching their progression with the dance step and its true that practice makes perfect!! After we taught the combination, we spent some time talking and hanging out with the girls. With my spanish slowly coming back, I was able to have a full fledged conversation with one of the older girls!!! It was a great feeling being able to communicate comfortably with someone in a different language and I'm glad I could get to know the girls a little bit more one on one. Tomorrow we go back to Malambo and get to teach some of the same girls again. I can't wait to add on to their dances and see them smile and dance again! Thanks Move-Ex for an incredible second day working with these kids!! :)


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