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This morning went fast! We ate a quick breakfast, and rushed off to Malambo.

We were extremely excited to work with our girls, because we had finally completed choreographing and layering the piece the previous day. Little did we know, there was a school-wide performance that would take up most of our time with the girls. We were scheduled to rehearse from 11-1, but as luck would have it the girls didn't get out of their assembly until 12:30ish. And they still hadn't eaten. We ran the dance three times, and then we had to say our goodbyes. "Really, that's it?"

After Malambo, we made our way to Casco Viejo where we would relax until we had to leave to go to rehearsal with Diguar. We finally got to shop around, and practice our Spanish with Panamanian vendors. Just as we had finished spending most of the dinero we had left, it was time to go to practice. Instead of taking the bus to our rehearsal space, which we normally do, we decided  walk. Interestingly enough, it began to rain. HARD. Though it was raining, we were in good spirits, because the previous day, we were all beginning to feel much more accomplished in Diguar's piece. When we got to the rehearsal space, we ran the piece once and were told that we were done for the day. "Really, that's it?"

We left Diguar's and returned to Hostel Amador, so we could get ready for dinner. We ate at an amazing Lebanese restaurante, and had fun stuffing our faces since we didn't have to rehearse. From there, we went back to Casco Viejo, where the festival was still happening. All the vendors had left, and dancing was going on at the different plazas. We were all having a wonderful time, when the clock stroke 12, and we had to head back to the buses. "really that's it?"

We are now back at home, a little tired from the day; we may not have done much but we were doing it on very little sleep! Tomorrow is a big day as it is our last day to rehearse with the girls and our last day to rehearse with Diguar....Really...that's it?

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