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We're here. Safe. and Happy. :)

Maybe it makes me seem overeager because I'm posting on the first night, but okay,well I am overeager and overexcited. 

Can I start by saying that I have no idea what time it is right now in America or here in Panama…but I think that’s a good thing. My computer and phone are dumb and think that its 9pm and I know that’s not right…but whatever, I digress…

At 3am yesterday morning, my dad began to drive Brittany, Madison, and I to the airport in order to be there at 4am so that we could make our flight at 6am. Little did we know, we would have a flat tire around halfway there. After lots of elbow grease from my dad and his friend that had come along for the ride, we finally continued our journey to LAX. Going nearly 100 mph on the freeway we got to the airport at 5:15am, and although we were scolded by airport worker-people (I know there is another word for that but its too late for me to know what it is) for our untimeliness, we made our flight nonetheless. After a six hour flight to Miami, which the girls and I slept through, we had a 4 hour layover that turned into a 7 hour layover due to some “air conditioning issues” and “radar problems” whatever that means. We finally boarded our plane and had lots of delirious fun on the three hour ride to Panama, which included a music video featuring me sleeping, coffee, selfies, and video instagram posts.  We thankfully safely arrived in Panama around 11:00pm where we were greeted by friendly familiar faces and pizza while we waited for the others to arrive. We left the airport, loaded up in our van, and had a beautiful drive to our hostel where we will be staying for most of the week. As we drove, conversations with Juliet (someone that was on the trip with me the first time I came) helped all of the memories to come flooding back to mind. We arrived at our beautiful truly luxurious hostel and had a quick introductory meeting about what we would be doing tomorrow and the rest of the week. (I’ll save that information for future blogs so I don’t repeat myself :) )  At the hostel, we were greeted by Carina’s beautiful smile and besos y abrazos. (Carina is another person I met the first time I came on the trip.)  After our introductory meeting, Carina offered to walk around town with anyone that was interested. Anxious to remember what I thought I had forgotten, and catch up with an old friend, I took Carina up on her offer. The two of us walked around the city, talked about dance and where life had taken us in the past few years and it felt as though nothing had changed. Being here makes my heart smile and I can’t wait to encounter all of the people that are going to become a part of this new journey.

 I’m so tired but I want to stay awake and soak up every bit of Panama. I am excited to remember old experiences and welcome so many new ones. I am surrounded by likeminded, yet uniquely gifted individuals, with a passion for dance and service; I can tell that this is going to be an extraordinary ten days.

After many hours of stressing about whether returning to Movement Exchange was the best decision for me right now, I can confidently say that this is where I’m supposed to be.

I just figured out that it is 2:40am and I should probably go to bed. We’ve got lots of work to do this week :) Besos! 

Those of you that know me know that this is Elle's second trip to Panama as well and he really enjoyed riding on the elevator at the airport. 


Cotton candy skies. 

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